Our story

image of Raheem Merali


Raheem Merali couldn’t decide. He and Bob Thacker had completed their MBAs and he wanted to mark this milestone with meaning.  One of his prized possessions – a timepiece he inherited from his grandfather – had him considering a watch, however, nothing he came across felt nearly as meaningful. That watch was special. It had a story connecting the present to the past that brought to mind time spent with his grandfather and helped remind him of the man he missed dearly. Raheem shared his dilemma with Bob who suggested they apply their knowledge gained from the MBA program to launch their own watch company. What could be more appropriate or significant? The idea had merit. It was ambitious. It was crazy. IT COULD WORK!



So began a two year journey to create a men’s luxury watch using premium parts, quality craftsmanship and world-class design. The two friends researched watches, analyzed their components and identified functionality they deemed vital. Travelling far and wide, they searched out the best partners who could appreciate and execute their vision. Together they met a lot of amazing people who helped them along the way, but that’s a story for another time. 
And there you have it. The tale of two friends, a watch and a desire to make something Original.
image of Bob Thacker